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    Tree Service in Moscow, Lake Ariel , Lake Wallenpaupack, Hamlin, Gouldsboro, Daleville, Elmhurst, Scranton, Dickson City, Clarks Summit, Wilkes Barre, and the surrounding areas.

  • How to Get Tree service In NePA!


    Set up a tree service estimate!

    Call or email us for a tree service estimate.



    Show the project and receive an estimate.

    One of our tree service professionals from right here in Northeast Pennsylvania will look at your project and give you an estimate.


    Set up a time for service and get your trees taken care of!

    We will schedule a time that works for you and deliver the tree service you are looking for.

  • Emergency Tree Removal Company Serving Moscow, Lake Ariel, Hamlin, and surrounding Areas of PA


    Emergency Tree Removal

    Things happen. Occasionally trees fall on homes, buildings, or property, and become an emergency situation.


    Our team has successfully responded to call after call for emergency tree removal.


    We come in and remove the tree from the building or property to prevent subsequent hazards.


    Call us today for Emergency Tree Removal. 570-702-9487

  • Diseased tree evaluation, trimming, and removal near me.


    Diseased Tree Evaluation

    Do you have a troubling tree? Trees that are dropping dead limbs or debris all over your property are a lot of work to clean up during lawn maintenance, let alone a safety hazard.

    Feel free to reach out for a diseased tree evaluation if you are concerned about a tree.


    If the tree does need to be removed, our team has proven our ability to trim and remove diseased and dying branches.


    We have a great safety record while trimming and removing trees.


    Call to schedule a diseased tree evaluation.


  • Tree Removal Company for Big Tree Removal and trimming near me

    Tree Removal

    Whether a tree is leaning toward your home, interfering with your siding, or just in the way, our team is ready to help. The protection of our customer's homes and property is of utmost importance to us. We strive to surpass our customer's desires and expectations.


    Our tree removal service is fast and efficient. Our customers have been pleased with our work and how their property looks when we leave even in the winter with snow on the ground.


    We specialize in hard-to-remove trees.


    If a tree is in a tight spot and you are unsure of how to remove it, call Freeman the Treeman to have a professional tree service representative come and give you an estimate. 570-702-9487

  • Stump grinding and stump removal leaves properties beautiful and clean looking.


    Stump Grinding


    Whether you have a stump in your yard that you want to be removed, or you are having us remove a tree and want the stump gone too, we are ready to help with stump grinding and removal!


    We have some of the best equipment on the market for our experienced team to use.


    We make sure to leave the site the way our customer wants it. Some of our customers have desired for us to leave the shavings from the process, and some prefer them to be removed. Either way, we are ready to help.


    Call us today for Stump Grinding.


  • Tree trimming service based out of Moscow PA serving Lake Ariel, Hamlin and Sorrounding Areas.


    Tree Trimming

    Does your tree have dead and concerning branches? Does a tree have branches that are reaching for power or drooping over your home?


    Sometimes a tree needs to be pruned and trimmed. Sometimes our customers want their trees shaped as well.


    Our team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to handle any tree trimming job you have.


    Call us today for tree trimming.


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